Penny posingThe Wolf Family Dogs

I would like, to begin with, to say that though parents, husbands, children, lovers and friends are all very well, they are not the dog. -- Elizabeth Von Arnim (1866-1941)



Steve's First Dog

My first dog arrived after the departure from this earth of Lady, the German Shepherd Dog.  From a friend's litter Penny became a constant companion and buddy.

Penny, Rabbit Hunter!

Penny was a great rabbit hunter.  North Olmsted, where we live, was still ripe with large fields filled with rabbits.  Penny was a pro at chasing those rabbits.  Rabbits would always run in circles.  I would start her on a rabbit and follow until a creek was crossed.  After crossing, I'd determine which way the rabbit would circle and position myself where the rabbit would cross.  Just as the rabbit crossed, I'd snap a picture.

Alas, no pictures remain except for the excellent memories.

Penny, the Perfect Mom

Penny was bred and had a fine litter of pups.  These were raised and homes were found for all but one, our pick, which was placed with my sister, Liz.  Liz's puppy, named Beauregard, was not the ideal puppy Penny was.  He was a TERRIBLE garbage hound.  He could unlock a bank safe to get to a can of garbage.  As a puppy he liked to pull things down ... things like all the drapes in her house.

We still hope the other puppies did better.

Penny and AngelMother Wolf Needed a Dog, Too!

Much like later, when Mary needed a dog and we invited Fezziwig into our house, Mother Wolf, my Mom, was rather left out when I went to school leaving my Dad to bond with Penny.  Enter Angel, my Mom's Yorkie.



Like many dogs, Penny remained at home with Mom and Dad when I went to school.  She was later watched by my sister until she died of old age.

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