The Wolf Family DogsHoneyfarms G. Sassafras

I would like, to begin with, to say that though parents, husbands, children, lovers and friends are all very well, they are not the dog. -- Elizabeth Von Arnim (1866-1941)




Steve Leaves HomeHomecoming, June 17, 1979

After Steve finished school, got a job and fought his way out of a no-pet apartment, he bought his first dog.  He knew he wanted to get married and have kids.  An intelligent, obedient dog was a must.  Some breed that would be very safe with children.  He couldn't  have asked for better.

The rumor is that Goldens got to be so popular that they were overbred.  This led to  widespread allergy problems in the dogs.  That's a terrible shame!  Buy from a reputable breeder!!!

A young sassy and SteveAs a Puppy

Memories of a young Sassy include some good and some bad memories.

Having sold his trailer Steve was preparing to move into the Wolf's first house.  Near the date of the sale, Sassafras got a bit upset that Steve went out without her and removed about half the wall-to-wall carpeting in his sold mobile home.

Sassy was incredibly easy to train.  She would do anything and everything just to make sure you would love her. 

As the CompanionSassy retrieving in a blizzard.

Sassy was a wonderful camping buddy.  She loved to travel and knew that she needed to watch out after the kids and the motorhome.

She loved to chase tennis balls.  At any time, in any weather she would run until she fell over.  Steve would hit the ball with a racquet and she'd return it.  As we have a park-like 14 acres in our backyard, she didn't have to inconvenience us too much.

Meggie gets a rideThe Walking Buddy

She also was the consummate companion when walking.  She'd walk forever and never complain about the weather or any other condition.





Sassy passed away from stomach cancer in 1990.  She was almost 12 years old.

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