(and what to do if the BBS doesn't know it)

Steve Wolf, W8IZ @ W8IZ

(This text from the W8IZ packet radio bulletin

board. It's formatted to fit a 80 character screen.)

This file is meant to be sent to someone who tries to enter traffic without a valid @BBS field.


From : Steve, NO8M
Date : January 17, 1995

The @BBS that was entered was not in the database and can not be
routed. You will need to include a full hierarchial address.
If your message was entered with a full hierarchial address, the
components are not ones that we know how to forward to. There
should be no spaces in the components. "NO8M.#NEOH.OH.USA.NA"
is correct where "NO8M.#NEOH. OH.USA.NA" is wrong.

You can determine if the BBS knows how to forward to a station
or one of its components. Let's say the address you want to
send to is AA8AA.#813.OK.USA.NA. If you begin at the right and
use the PF command on each component, you may find one that the
board knows.

In this case you would try "PF AA8AA" first. The BBS would give
no response indicating that it does not know how to route to
AA8AA. Your next try would be "PF #813" which is also unknown.
The next one "PF OK" would indicate that messages to OK are sent
to WA8BXN. You are in business and can use the address.

You would then use "SP WW8WW@AA8AA.#813.OK.USA.NA".

Steve, NO8M 

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