PACKET RADIO: Why Bulletins are Held

Steve Wolf, W8IZ@W8IZ

(This text from the W8IZ packet radio bulletin

board. It's formatted to fit a 80 character screen.)

The rulemaking described below was finalized and is in effect.



We have had three illegal bulletins slip into the bulletin
flood routes. All were ALLUS-types that brought a strong, critical
response from many other sysops across the country.

There is a rulemaking action in front of the FCC at this time
(December 24, 1994) to cause each sysop to be responsible only for
bulletins and messages entered into their own systems. Bulletins
that are automatically routed as floods would not be included.
There is little doubt that the FCC will eventually come out with
some form of this rule.

As such, I have instituted holds on all bulletins that are to
flood to other systems. A bulletin entered as NEOH, NWOH, ALLOH,
OKIPN, ALLUS or WW will get held until I or another sysop can read
and release it. This should not be more than a couple of hours as
even while away we are able to link reliably via pactor.
Bad words will continue to get the message held also.
Personal mail is not affected. Just bulletins.


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