Steve Wolf, W8IZ@W8IZ

(This text from the W8IZ packet radio bulletin

board. It's formatted to fit a 80 character screen.)

R:930326/0750z 21066@NO8M.#NEOH.OH.USA.NA
R:930326/0726z 12382@WA8BXN.OH.USA.NA
Hi Steve - Here is the YAPP format:
Sender                              Receiver
^A<length_byte>filename<00 byte>file_size_in_char<00 byte>optional_ignored
Now here is an idea, borrowed from the baycomm yapp program. I can write
two c programs: one that takes a file and makes it into the sender col  above.
Send that file using procomm raw ascii to upload. Or do a yapp download
command, send the FA and then capture the filename line in a file using
raw ascii, then send ^F^B, capture the reply in a raw ascii file, then
send the ^F^C and ^F^D. This could be automated with an aspect script(maybe).
Then use second C program to reconstruct the file that was downloaded. 
This probably needs to be cleaned up a bit, but maybe it would work. 
73 - Mike 

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