PACKET RADIO: Yugoslavia As It Was Being Invaded

Steve Wolf, W8IZ@W8IZ

(This text from the W8IZ packet radio bulletin

board. It's formatted to fit a 80 character screen.)

19357 B#  4940 EURO   N8XX   OKIPN  910717 Packet News From Yugoslovaia
Ladies and Gentlemen:
The following is from Compuserve Information Service, HAMNET.  It
directly concerns applications of ham radio to civil defense.
I copy it with permission.
With no further comment - 73 de n8xx hg
Dear Friends,
Here is a message from our friend Iztok, YU3FK. The message speaks for
73 de Alexander, OE3ACC
ALL @EU          de:YU3FK  10.07.91 03:36  30   4508 Bytes
War & hams in SLOVENIA.
*** Bulletin-ID: 27315_GB7NWP ***
910710/0511  DB0LNA, 910710/0452  DB0RGB, 910710/0053z DB0BOX
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910709/0642z LX0PAC, 910709/0606z ON7RC , 910709/0802Z FD1NWB
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910708/1901Z GB7PMB, 910708/1854Z GB7CHS, 910708/1839  GB7NWP
Hello friends !
I stll do not beleive what happened here, it is so awfull.  Anyhow, it
is maybe of interest to see how HAMs responded to emergency.
When unexpected attack of YU Army to Slovenija happened, the first HAMs
reaction was: be QRV, stay tuned. There was no need to help with
proffesional communications, all worked OK. We only blocked military
repeaters and simplex channells on 2m band; forunately most of MODS to
expand RX/TX range of japanese RIGs were available on BBSes.
Later on we were requested not to make QRM on military QRGs, because we
blocked channells so effectively, that YU3 intelligence could not get
any information from military communications. there is not yet enough
6m equipment here, to effectively block military there, but we were of
some help to YU3 police. (YU got 50 MHz band few weeks ago).
Most of HAM communications( beside those helping actively defense
operations) are on helping press (some telephone lines are broken) and
red cross. A lot of personal request were handled by HAMs also (like:
My parents are there and there, we can not get them by telephone, are
they OK ? ).
YU3 HAMs can be found on 2m and 70cm FM, also there is a net on 3.605
As my role was in packet, I can tell the story from first hand.  First
action was to check network. Everthing worked, so I send few bulletins
with emergency instructions to BBSes. Packet stations on R TV stations
was activated, with printer connected to C-64. I got few tlf numbers,
like red-cross, direct line to news service etc. Quickly, first news
reports were comming from area telephone cut. Also, i helped forward a
QTC to DL radio, when international telephone lines were overloaded.
When army started bombing of TV and communication centers, where most
of packet nodes were, we prepared secondary links. Few HAMs left packet
stations QRV, to be used as digipeaters. Several nodes were attacked:
4N3B on mt Boc,
4N3P on mt Pohorje,
several times 4N3H on mt Kum,
and 4N3L on mt Krvavec.
4n3H antennas were destroyed,
thus 23cm backbone network was cut into two pieces.
But, 2m links were ready - and YU3 packet network is fully operative.
No harm was done to 2m and 70cm FM repeaters, so 4n3H is the only HAM
installation destroyed.
We get also some help from outside YU3 - First of all, I asked
everybody to stop BBS forward and other DXing over YU3 - network is now
free for emergency traffic. Also, neighbour HAMs are ready to help us
with secondary links on 2m, if our current nodes are destroyed. We have
a backup ready for any node. Also, they are in touch with red cross and
others, if there is any need.
So far, HAMs were again playing our role in defence of our country.  I
hope is needed no more, but we are ready.
Packet node 4N3H is probably first HAM packet node to be destroyed in
military attack. It had 4 antennas on 23cm to 38400 bd YT3MV 23cm
station (4N3H-12), 2m port on 144.600 (4n3h), converse node 4N3H-3 and
we were fixing also 70cm wide bandwith 19200 bd manchester user access
node on 70cm.
So much about HAMs in war, I hope we would be able to make full report
when war is over.
Best 73, peace to everybody, iztok YU3FK

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