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The Big Jeep Dog:  S5˘fritzThis is MY Jeep!

S5˘fritz (pronounced "Sss-nickle-fritz") loves the Jeep.  Going "Bye-bye Jeep" elicits immediate excitement and a flurry of activity.

S5˘fritz is a German Shepherd Dog and we have another page dedicated to her antics.  She is the BEST behaved dog in the categories of "never having chewed anything up" and "very easy to train".  She is the WORST dog in the categories of "most puppy-like" and "must participate in everything".

Her qualities make her INCREDIBLY inquisitive.  Jeepin' lets her explore and watch and investigate so much!  A ride in the Jeep often results in a nap.  She's just too tired from all the input she got.

S5˘fritz thinks she should drive and it's often a challenge to get into the Jeep.S5˘fritz rides in the back seat.  She's tethered with a four foot nylon leash to a carabineer hooked onto the seat hardware.  She sits and watches and is perfectly content to enjoy the ride.  She has never tried to jump out when the car is moving.  She often goes with me when I am fixing traffic signals and has indicated a desire to romp but once her attitude is adjusted with verbal commands, she stays in the Jeep.

S5˘fritz has not yet become protective of her Jeep.  When she does, her four foot of leash will allow her to protect the whole passenger's compartment.

We don't leave any dog in the car when shopping or otherwise away from the Jeep.

The Little Jeep Dog:  Fezziwig

It's Fezziwig's Jeep!S5˘fritz loves the Jeep but Fezziwig likes it better.  Fezzi has his own page, too.

Fezziwig is somewhere between a Miniature Poodle and a Toy Poodle.  He's the boss!  Any old German Shepherd Dog that has an argument with that will end up with a punctured lip.

Fezzi rides on the front seat but not too often.  When he has to go to his groomer is about the only time we let him ride alone.  Otherwise, he rides in the passenger's lap.  He prefers this as it is the passenger's duty to pet him at all times he's out Jeepin'.

A Story of Stupid People

One day both Fezzi and S5˘fritz had just finished their obedience classes.  They both attend classes put on by the Cleveland All Breed Training Club.  Although both are well behaved,Stupid witch they both would like to someday be obedience champions.  As they both got into their Jeep, an older and rather small and droll woman in the family van parked next to us looked down her (long and pointed) nose and said in a shrill, squeaky voice, "I wondered what kind of people would bring their dogs in a Jeep".

Some dog people are rather overwhelmed with their animals.  They feel dogs should be in a cage and that cage should be as small as possible.  For my thoughts on that, see my cage page.  Some breed dogs like cattle (and treat them the same although you'd never convince them of it).  Some are so paranoid they exhibit signs of mental illness when talking about their pets.

Unfortunately I did not have my "Snappy Answers" folder opened or I would have let her have it.

Some input from the web has helped us to be more prepared in the future.  Some of the better suggestions follow.  The JU forums can be found at

The dogs just refuse to ride in a family van.  They say vans are for hairless dogs.
-4x4x4Banger on the JU forum
It's not my jeep, it belongs to the Shepherd.  She forgot her license and I suspect she was tipping a few in the exercise area.  I have to drive her home.
-Rick and Ronnie Higgins and bizbee on
There's always room for another bitch.  Have you had your shots?
-Dr. Lee A. Worth on
Hell, if she gets her CDX we promised to take her skydiving!
-Me!  Steve Wolf on the JU forum
The last dog blew out on the highway.  Do you think this dog will?
-BrackneyC on the JU forum
<Back front tire over hood on the way out.>
-Murdock on the JU forum
I'd let you ride in it so why not her?
-RYJAY on the JU forum

Some of us use our cars for what they were designed for, soccer mom.
-blitz on the JU forum

I used to leash him to the bumper but then I always had to use the 4 wheel drive.

Because he knows all the bitches love it.
-ghostship on the JU forum
Are you just mad because I'll let her in my Jeep but I don't want you near it?
-Livin'Large on the JU forum
<Teach the dog to hump on command>
-Al on

Jeep People and Why They Have Jeep Dogs

Although not quotable, Jeepin' people seemed to follow a couple of core ideals quite closely.  The following two quotes are not quotable; I couldn't rattle them off to the long nosed woman.  I'll present them here for your consideration.

Life is not precious, a thing to be cherished.

The soul and the mind are the instruments God gives us for our use and half of us don't begin to use them.

We put Life and Health on two little pedestals and spend most of our time performing acts of devotion before them. Instead of using them as a carpenter his tools, as a helmsman the rudder, to hammer or steer our way to victory, we turn ourselves into Vestal Virgins with nothing on the face of the earth to do but to feed the feeble flames of our comfort.

Life is no craven thing, lurking coward-like in a corner. It is big, broad, splendid in opportunity. It is to be used, not cherished. It is to be spent, not saved.

-Alice Foote MacDougall ("The Autobiography of a Business Woman"

Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in one pretty and well preserved piece, but to skid broadside, thoroughly used up, worn out and defiantly shouting "GERONIMO!".


Anyone have an author for the last one?

Suggestions please!If you have any other good ways to reply to the nasty comments, please email them to me.  I would really appreciate more suggestions.

Now I'm better prepared!

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