The Wolf Family Jeep

Why We Got a Jeep

We like to explore.  When we're out motorhoming, we tend to get in the car and just drive.  We don't really have a destination; we just explore.  We use a GPS, a Garmin 12XL, to find our way home.

We had been towing a Saturn behind the motorhome.  Exploring has led into some places that were pretty tough to get into and out of with the Saturn.  With its low ground clearance and two wheel drive, the forests and BLM lands weren't all that accessible.

It was time to get another tow vehicle to open these areas up to us.

Research showed that of the 4x4 vehicles available the Jeep was the vehicle of choice.  It was:

  • Cheap (older models)
  • Had a tremendous amount of information available on fixing it
  • Can be towed four down
  • Was fun to drive and explore in

We started looking at Jeeps and determined that it may take some time to find just the right Jeep.  Take a look at another page that has information on how to buy a Jeep.


A cheap Jeep is a wreck.  Again, see how to buy a Jeep.

Information on Fixing a Jeep

Go to and search for "Jeep".  You'll get quite a few hits and almost all of the books are good.

Can Be Towed Four Wheel Down

My research showed that a pre-79 Jeep hosted a D-20 transfer case.  That model could be towed four down with unlimited mileage and speed.  For all others, the manuals say you must stop every few hundred miles, start the engine and lubricate the drive train.

You'll also notice that older Jeeps are incredibly tough.  The metal is so much stronger than newer vehicles (including newer Jeeps).


Fun to Drive and Explore In

Driving a Jeep is much like riding a four wheeled motorcycle.  You tend to go slower, though, especially with a short wheelbase Jeep like a CJ-5.

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