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2011 Cardinal Nest Pictures

As always, click on the photo to get the original, larger version.


For some reason, a pair of young cardinals decided that the small bush beside my antenna tower and very near my back porch offered a perfect location for a nest.  Mom dutifully laid two eggs and those eggs turned into chicks.  I took some pictures, sitting for hours on my back porch watching Mom and Dad come and go.

After our May, 2011 trip to Findley State Park I found I missed the hatching.  From the picture, it doesn't look like I missed it by long.


Whenever I am out there, Mom Cardinal is very upset.  She raises holy heck.  It takes some time and, I'm sure, the bugs she has for her chicks get very old before she summons the courage to return.






Who you lookin' at, Mom?


Chick one gets fed:

Chick two gets fed:

Here's Dad.  He comes once for every three trips the mother makes.  Giving credit where due, he seems to come with a mouth stuffed full of bugs whereas her load is much smaller.  Click on the picture to get the larger version.  Zoom in on his head.  He's feeding a seven course dinner!


June 7, 2011 - Sleepytime chicks


June 9, 2011 - Somehow "Big Red" doesn't seem a proper name for this cardinal.  Notice the other cardinal.


June 11, 2011 - Where'd they go???  After watching a number of sparrow nests raided by a maurading bluejay, I hope they survived.  I saw them out exercising their fully feathered wings.  There was absolutely no room left in the nest.  I've never seen such young birds fly, but, I hope.