2013 Sears Craftsman 18 HP Intek Float Bowl Fix

If you click on the below picture, you will get a high resolution version.

 The Intek float bowl appears to have a shut off that closes, that shuts off the gasoline when the engine is off.

I started to experience a locked up engine.  Pulling the plug, I found the cylinder was full of gasoline.  Gasoline won't compress.  I tried to figure out how to remove the float bowl and have no idea how to do that.  The thing appears to be molded into the plastic of the carb.  On the bottom of the float bowl, where the bolt that holds the float bowl on is normally found, is a solenoid.  When power is turned on, the solenoid pulls back a rod that allows gas to flow.  That is what was broken.  Twisting the solenoid around didn't seem to help.

My options were to order another carb or put a fuel shut off in the line.  About $8 in parts later, the problem was solved.  I added a shut off and replaced the filter.

It is a pain in the butt to have to shut off the gas and let the engine starve.  It is even a bigger pain to remember to turn off the key, or the battery will be dead when you return.

Great idea, Sears.  Remind me about this next time I am in your store looking to replace my tractor.

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