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Accumulated material relating to the middle school windmill


Butternut Ridge School Windmill - PD December 23, 2008

North Olmsted Ordinance 2009-63

North Olmsted Ordinance 2009-64

Draft wind overlay district map

Draft wind overlay district list

May 27, 2009 presentation of windmill to the planning commission

June 10, 2009 SEAGA notice on windmill meeting

July 8, 2009 SEAGA notice on windmill meeting

It seems that while Eaton Corporation pledged itself to finding new ways to generate electricity using wind, when it comes to the location for their new offices, their thoughts are quite different. Now planning to locate their corporate headquarters on the Chagrin Highlands, Eaton negotiated with the government that ... wait for it ... no windmills be permitted on adjacent acreage. They feel it would clutter their pristine environment.  Here's the piece.

August 25, 2009 city notice of a meeting

American Bar Association article decrying the problems with windmills

February 4, 2009 Sun Herald article about probable passage of zoning


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