2002 Toyota Solara Convertible

Failure of Window Wiper Motor


Click for a larger imageAt 22,400 miles and a little less than one month after the warranty expired, our wiper motor failed.  We never loaded the motor and are concerned that this failure was due more to bad engineering than a random event.  Disassembly of the gearbox showed a nylon gear that had been chewed smooth by the screw gear out of the motor.  Toyota had to order a replacement which was shipped from Virginia.

The repair, a simple process, took almost three days.

The cost?  To unbolt this one and bolt in another cost us $127.50 in labor and $204.81 for the motor.  The bill was $332.31 plus tax.


Were this vehicle to have the ability to be towed four-down behind my motorhome, I would go and buy one today, off the lot for whatever they asked.  We really like the car.  We are concerned that this will be an ongoing failure.

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