Low Speed Error on a Treadmill

Click on a photo to download a high resolution version.

It seemed that many people were having issues regarding treadmill low speed errors.  Further, it appeared that many different brands and models of treadmills have the same electronics.  I fixed mine.  Here's how I did it:

Under the front cover of the treadmill is the motors and electronics that tread the mill.  There is a sensor that feeds back information as to if the treadmill belt is turning.  The electronics compares two things.  First, if the motor that runs the belt is on or off.  Second, if the belt is turning.  If the belt is turning at a speed proper for the speed of the motor, then all is well.  If the belt is bound up or stopped, it is necessary to turn the motor off.  That's the "low speed" error seen in the photo to the right.

Here's a look under the hood:

The sensor here has slipped in its holder.  It is too far back from the spinning wheel that holds the magnet.

I fixed this by applying a few wraps of tape.  The sensor is tightly in the holder and no longer slips backward.


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