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Towing a 2010 Cadillac SRX

The only thing I miss about not towing the Saturn is the fact that I never knew if I was towing it.  The little plastic car was so light I had to look at the camera to tell if the thing was still behind me.  The Cadillac is a different beast.  It is there and it lets you know it.  It is so terribly heavy!

But what a ride!

Shortly after taking possession of the car, I did three things.  First, I installed my radio.  Second, I installed a trailer hitch.  Third, I installed my Blue Ox base plate.

The radio antennas went on the top rear panel.  Three three-quarter inch holes now host three Laren LM-K mounts.  The mounts host three quarter wave verticals for the two meter, 220 and 440 MHz amateur radio bands.  The radio was placed under the passenger's seat.  The display mounted well to the left of the steering column.

The hitch was simple.  Bolt it up and done.

The base plate required only minimal work to install.  Of course, the first installation took a full day.  I'm sure the next time I did that that job it would take but a few hours.  Once completed, there is only the slightest indication that something is different in this SRX.  The two tow tabs rotate and are removed, leaving the front of the car without anything that indicates its purpose.  With the tabs in place, the tow bar hooks up without muss or fuss.  The wiring was tied below the chassis away from the exhaust to the point where the trailer hitch wiring enters the back of the vehicle.

Because of the weight, I bought a Blue Ox Patriot brake system.  It couldn't have been easier to install and operate!  There is a remote at the driver's position.  The brake box sits on the floor and is a snap to install.  Highly recommended.  No muss.  No fuss.  Works great.


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