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Antifreeze Siphon and True Hot Water Bypass


WTF Winnebago!!!  No antifreeze siphon?  And what kind of goofy bypass did you put on the hot water tank?

I camp in the winter.  I take water.  I need to overboard the antifreeze, load water, camp and then put the antifreeze back in.  I can't do that properly without a way to bypass the water tank and let the pump pull antifreeze right out of the bottle.

I cut the input line between the tank and pump, put in a valve and can now direct the pump to pull from the siphon line.  I put a small piece of rod on the end of the siphon hose to insure that it bottoms out in the antifreeze bottle.  That way I can suck all the product out of the bottle.


I then put proper valves on the input and output lines of the hot water tank.  That keeps antifreeze from dribbling into the tank and mucking up the fresh water.

Voila.  Problem solved.

Works great.  Takes me maybe five minutes to winterize.  Takes me five minutes to exhaust the antifreeze.  Easy!


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