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Remove the Anode Rod


I bought my first motorhome in 1984.  One of my first problems, and again in every motorhome after, is gooey white crud clogging up the water filters.  Both the filter at the pump and the screens in each faucet would get clogged with white, gooey crud.

The crud comes from the water heater anode rod.

 The story goes like this:  Water reacts with the water heater and eats it away.  With the anode rod the water reacts instead with the anode rod "protecting" the tank.

The reality goes like this:  No, it doesn't.  It is a scam to get you in to the RV shops to pay to have your screens cleaned out.

Cutting out the anode clears up the white goo.  Nothing happens to the water heater.  It works fine.  For example, my 1997 Winnie had it's rod removed at birth and as of 2022, the water heater is still like new.  One thing I don't have is white goo clogging up the filters.

Get a hacksaw, release the water pressure, remove the water heater drain bolt and ...

Voila.  Problem solved.

Works great.


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