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Water Pump Switch in Bathroom


In the 392 times I have driven four hours, stopped and jogged to the bathroom I have yet to turn on the water pump switch.  There should be a second, auxilary pump switch in the bathroom.  I have added a second switch in every motorhome I have had.  Did it on this one, too:


This is how I did this in my 2020 Winnie 22M:

On October 21, 2022 the pump switch I used is listed on Amazon HERE.  It was going for $11.79 delivered.

I ran the wire down from the bathroom switch, underneath the cabinets and back up to the control panel.  I wired this switch in parallel with the existing switch.  If either is set to on the pump has power.

In order to get the wire from below the cabinet to the monitor panel I had to blow a inch or two inch hole in the paneling behind the wall, under the cabinet, next to the drawer.  The inverter cable at the monitor panel had about ten feet of extra wire that was stored there.  I released that wire, pulled it down and used the wire to pull up the new pump wire.  The white and red (center terminal) on the existing pump switch are the wires you need.  I pulled a ground, needed for the LED on the new switch from one of the ground wires that are white.  I used a rotary Dremel tool to cut a larger hole in the bathroom.

Works great.  Easy!


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