Wolf's Motorhome Modifications

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Small solar panel to

charge the engine battery


Every motorhome I have had I have put in a trickle charger to keep the engine battery topped off.  In northern Ohio it gets too cold in the winter to gamble that there is enough charge on a seldom used battery; that the battery won't freeze due to not having a charge.

My newer Mini Winnie has an always alive cigarette lighter port.  I bought a cheap ten watt solar panel that I can put in the front window when parked.  It has a trickle charger that feeds into the always-on cigarette lighter outlet.



Problem solved.  Always charged.

No, it does not overcharge and boil the battery.  If anything it keeps it a little below a normal engine charge.

I just bought another for when I am using the motorhome to drive to but not live in.  For when, for example, I drive to my son's home in Texas and leave the box in the drive.  I am going to use the second one to trickle charge the house batteries.

Here is a link as of September 13, 2022:




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