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Winter Heaters



I camp in the winter.  If I can do it, when a blizzard is approaching I pick a state park in the middle of the blizzard and get in prior to the storm.  No better place to experience a blizzard than at a state park.

I have propane heat.   I don't really use it.

I use up to three 1500 watt electric heaters.  Why three?  In the Mini when it is below zero two are not enough.  When I had the bigger Class A I used five with up to two in the basement keeping that warm.

One of the best heaters I have come across were bought at Home Depot and are shown below. They are excellent as they both compact and quiet.  The can cycle on and off all night without disturbing me.



I have added two extra power input point.  Both are 110 volt, 20 amp male receptacles.  One is on the driver's side and feeds into a storage compartment.  The other is on the rear wall of the motorhome.

The motorhome is connected to the 30 amp outlet.  The heaters are off either side of the 50 amp using an adapter.  Other configurations are possible, including using other power poles.




I have two mechanical thermostats.  One is on the closet door in the bedroom.  One is behind the driver's seat, facing my table.  These are used to turn on the heaters.


I have mounted an electrical box that contains a 12 volt wall wart and a relay.  The twelve volts from the wall wart goes to a mechanical thermostat and back to the box to turn the relay on, powering the heaters when needed.


The following is for each of the two power circuits:  Twelve volts is sent to the mechanical thermostats.  When heat is called for, that twelve volts is run to a relay that puts power to an outlet into which the heater is plugged into.

There is a box that contains the relay and a twelve volt wall wart in the storage compartments.


NOTE:  In the winter you will store moist air in the motorhome which will condense and freeze on windows.  Judicious use of roof vents and maybe even a cracked window will keep the moisture in check.

Voila!  Comfortable winter camping, even below zero.  Even in a blizzard.


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