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Crappy Coleman Air Conditioner Covers


Cracks in cover, click for a larger image



The Coleman cover cracks.  Click for a larger image.  No, it wasn't installed wrong.  If it was, the material wouldn't be so brittle as to break off in your hand.  This cover is nine years old.




Click for a larger imageLook at how thin the material is.


On my first and second Winnebago I suffered failures of the Coleman air conditioner covers.  My introduction to this was an explosion on the roof of the first Winne.  The cover broke off and, luckily, sailed to the side of the road.  It didn't kill anyone.  I replaced it with another Coleman cover.  My second Winnie, at age nine, had stress fractures around the bolts.  I pulled lightly on the case and it cracked easily.  Rather than chance losing the covers on the road, I replaced them with MaxxAir covers designed for the purpose.  They are many times the cover that Coleman makes; they are substantially thicker.

Click for a larger image


The new Maxxair Coleman cover.  These will outlive the motorhome.


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