Wolf's Motorhome Modifications

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Bathroom Door Lock


Bathroom Doorlock (13045 bytes)One of the reasons we have the model of motorhome we have is that the bathroom can be used no matter who's where in the motorhome.  We have an aisle past the bathroom.  Hence, a kid can be taking a shower and we can still get from the front to the back.Open Bathroom Doorlock (8344 bytes)  The bathroom has two doors.  One closes like a regular door and one slides shut.  The slide it toward the rear bed.

When mobile, (Oh, poop!  Here go the safety nuts.  Ever notice most have never owned a motorhome?) the kids will often watch movies in the back bedroom.  With the floor plan we have we can still use the bathroom but the sliding door tends to slide ... open.   That can lead to an uncomfortable situation.  The addition of the bathroom door lock ended that problem.

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