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A Cellular Yagi

Click for a larger imageI am often on the fringe of my cellular provider's coverage area.  This yagi works GREAT.  I go from extended area to five bars in the service.  This one was bought off of eBay for about $20 with $17 shipping for a total of $37.00.  An adapter was found elsewhere.

The mast is made from inch and a half PVC.  The bottom is a four foot section, two five foot sections, and a the antenna is permanently mounted on a one foot section.  The pieces are joined using male and female screw-in connection pieces.  A bungee holds the top and bottom to the awning rails.

In parks where I once was in an extended service area I am now full strength into my proper provider.  I keep the antenna in a compartment below where I sit when using my laptop.  The coax cable comes through the floor.  This allows me access without having a window open.

Works great!  Click on the picture for a larger image.

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