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No Hot Water!  Replacing a Bypass Valve

Close-up of the check valve.Early in the morning, after a nice, long, sweaty walk with the puppies, I decided to take a shower.  Lo behold, no hot water!  Nothing came out when the hot water was turned on.  Not a drop.  The cold water worked fine.  I traced the water lines and found a suspicious looking do-dad hanging out of the back of the hot water tank.  Disconnecting the pipes revealed it to be a check valve.  I removed it, popped up to the local RV shop, and about $5.00 later I had a working hot water tank.

Another Failure!

Oh for crying out loud.  A couple years later the replacement failed.  Both the original and the replacement had one thing in common.  They had plastic guts.  An end piece and spring fall off and into the tank.  I've now put the third check valve in.  This time it is all brass.  Let's see if that might work better.  For now, insure your replacement is all brass.

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