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Generator gas tank modification


After I traded my big Winnie and moved to a smaller Roadtrek I found myself without a generator that can make enough pixies to keep my house happy when our coal-belching, stockholders-come-first Illuminating Company / FirstEnergy craps out.  I ended up with a cart mounted job that is in every way more of a pain in the butt than the motorhome was.

So be it.

The five gallon gas tank mounted on top had some sort of problem delivering gas to the engine.  In trying to turn the valve at the bottom of the tank off, the whole valve fell out and five gallons of gas with it.

Stupid design.

I changed that.  I bought a couple of gas caps for five gallon jugs off of Amazon.  I drilled a hole and installed a petcock, gas line and filter, again from Amazon.  I sealed the petcock with epoxy.

I installed a vent.  I used a metal tire valve with the valve removed in order to allow me to uncap the tire valve and vent the tank.  Drill a hole for the valve in a new tank ... so you don't blow yourself up due to the fumes.  Drop in a string and fish it out the normal hole for the cap.  String it through the valve and tie it off with something.  Pull the string out the valve hole and the valve will come with it.  Seat it and seal with epoxy.

 I now bungee the tank to the top of the generator cart when I need to.  It supplies the gas.

When I am done, I turn off the petcock and the generator runs dry.

Any five gallon jug works and I have a few.  I can easily change tanks as needed and go get more gas.

Problem solved. A bunch of problems solved.

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