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Cutting out the battery in a Kidde CO detector

Kidde makes a great carbon monoxide (CO) detector.  The problem is that the detector requires a 9 volt battery.  As RVs spend a great deal of time unplugged, the 9 volt battery soon wears out.  In fact, without 110 volt power, the 9 volt battery only lasts a few hours.

I took the positive of the 9 volt battery lead and soldered it directly to the positive side of the power supply capacitor.  I cut the negative lead and let it sit in the box.

Problem solved.

Also, note that these units only last five or six years.  I've never pinned down how long.  After that they fail hard and must be replaced.  It would be nice to know that up front, so that the detector doesn't fail in the middle of a trip.

Here's a picture, and a higher resolution picture is available if you click on it:

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