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This is a work in progress and will be added to as questions come up.  It is by no means a complete list of things to do.


There are Zoos in Cleveland (the best of them), Toledo, Columbus and Akron.  One membership will get you into all of them for free.  In fact, a membership will often get you into nearly ALL zoos you come across for free.  We've visited zoos in many cities around the country.

Cedar Point Amusement Park

    When my kids were smaller we'd stay at Cedar Point's RV park some ten times a year.  It really made the park enjoyable.  Since that time they have eliminated it and then flipped and reinstalled the park.  I have not been to the new park but hear it's nice.  I prefer Cedar Point to Six Flags (next entry) because the motorhome was at the park ... and CP has a nice beach.

Cedar Point's season pass is cheap and good for a few other places.  Hitting all the park pass sites can be a good theme for a vacation.

King's Island

Kings Island has an RV park next to it.  It's a short walk or bus ride to the park.  The season pass is good for all the Paramount Parks.  One summer we hit Canada's Wonderland (just north of Toronto), King's Island (north of Cincinnatti), King's Dominion (Virginia) and Carowinds (on the North Carolina/South Carolina border) on one trip.  Visitors from the US will find Canada's Wonderland very interesting.

Six Flags Amusement Park

The Six Flags, near Aurora, has a Yogi campground near it that isn't so bad.

The TV ads imply their season pass are good elsewhere.  Again, a great theme for a vacation would be to hit all the parks the season pass will allow.

Downtown Cleveland

Downtown Cleveland is easier to get to than you'd think.  I wouldn't take my motorhome and toad down there but once camped, the ride in is easy.  As with any city, avoid rush hour and have a map handy.  Street Atlas has great maps of the downtown areas.

You have the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Mather Steamship Museum, Great Lakes Science Museum and a number of other museums in Cleveland proper.  Another cluster of museums are in University Circle (Nature, Art, etc.)  All are easy drives in.  There are normally tickets for the Indians games but call first.  Watching baseball games in stadiums other than your own can be a lot of fun.  Buy a license plate for the stadium and start collecting them.


Maumee Bay State Park, near Oregon, is one of my favorites.  The park is nice and they are on the lake (although the park is inland).  Crane Creek and The Ottowa National Wildlife refuge are not far from the park.  There are some very nice walks and I believe you should see an eagle or two ... or more.

East Harbor State Park, near Marblehead, is reported to now have electricity.  I was there before this addition.  They were a different kind of park then, with the volunteers exerting quite a bit more control over the park than elsewhere.  For example, they assigned you a site rather than you choosing and returning.

Information on Ohio State Parks

Ohio has quite a bit of information on the state parks.  Look for:

Winter Camping

If you ever come in the winter, keep Punderson State Park in mind.  In the snow belt, the have a great sledding hill and cross-country ski trails.

Don't forget the Zoos in the winter!  The animals have very little company and are more likely to interact with winter visitors.

Between Toledo and Cleveland

The Hayes State Memorial is neat.  There's info on the President and on the Civil War.  That's near Fremont.

Milan, Ohio hosts Edison's Birthplace.

African Lion Safari, near Sandusky,  is a lot of fun, especially in a motorhome.

Kelly's Island hosts the Glacier Grooves that's neat.  The island is reached by ferry and makes for a nice day.

Vermillion hosts the Great Lakes Marine Museum.  It has quite a bit of information on lake-going commerce.

Work in Progress

This is a work in progress.  As a question comes up regarding camping and sites in Ohio, my information will be added here.

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