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The Ohio State Park Reservation System

It sort of sucks, sort of doesn't


Problem 1 -- What site to pick

In the early 2000s Ohio began using a reservation system to shell out sites at the state parks.  This is a benefit to someone who knows what sites are appropriate.  But park campsites range from good to bad and the website is clueless as to which is which.  The chance you'll pick a decent site for your particular use without prior knowledge is almost zero.  Asking at the office is of little use unless the person has equipment like you have and can relate to your needs.  Reserving a site without knowing the park is difficult at best.

Problem 2 -- The website is misleading about non-summertime reservations

If you are camping outside of the summer season, the website will lead you merrily along in reserving a site.  On arrival, you find half the park is closed and the park is first-come, first-serve.  You wasted the $8.00 reservation fee.  If you spend a bit of time carefully reading the finest of the fine print, you'll find they suggest the park might or might-not be first-come, first-serve.  The parks don't answer the phone any more.  Calling them most often leads you through a tedious voicemail system.  In general, reservations and not needed, and you'll waste your $8.00 reservation fee using their website outside the summertime camping season.

I complained about their accepting reservations knowing that none are needed.  My call to a company called Spherix, who runs the reservations, showed them to be quite a shady organization.  They refused to identify the company or themselves..  My response was courteous.  The problem remains.

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