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Finding Help for your Pets


What happens if your pet gets sick when you're on the road?  How do you get help?  You can choose a vet at random.  You can scope out offices and locations trying to relate that to a veterinarian's competence.  Does the appearance of the office relate to competence?  Wouldn't it be better to draw on the local's experiences?
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Call the American Kennel Club (AKC)  to find the largest AKC-affiliated dog club in the biggest city you are near. Call that club. Ask for a list of local breeders who both breed and show your flavor of dog. Call those breeders and find out what veterinarian clinic they use. Notice I said "clinic". An active group of show breeders will have gained the experience of years, an experience you will not be able to get no matter how many pet dogs you have. More than likely, they are all using the same vet clinic. It is often a long drive that they gladly make as needed.

You will find yourself at the best of the best where decisions are not made by a vet, but in a room full of veterinarians in common consolation.  You still have "your" vet.  Your vet has backup.  Typical of these big clinics is that they have a vet on call at all times.  There is no need to go to an emergency clinic after hours. You take your dog to your clinic and find a vet on duty. Even more typical of these vets is the fact that it costs more, although not much more, than does a sole-practitioner.

Click for a larger imageThe best care available is the only care appropriate. It is in these clinics that your dog will get its best care.  You can't do more than that.  Your responsibilities are fulfilled.

The care of your pet is a responsibility. The responsibility an owner shows to his or her pet is a window to the ability of that owner to undertake life's other responsibilities. If you can't take care of your dog, you are probably as lost in life's other relationships.


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