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EZ-Flush Sizing Rings

Click for a larger imageI normally carry one spare twenty foot extra-super-heavy-duty sewer hose AND another ten foot cheapo hose.  On the motorhome is a twenty foot extra-super-heavy-duty sewer hose.  What normally happens is that the hose on the motorhome fails, I replace it with the backup, and I don't replace the backup.  The ten footer is for when the backup fails and I realize I've forgotten to buy a new hose.  The cheap ten foot hoses are almost impossible to string on a bayonet adapter.  I have a tool somewhere but finding it is never easy.

EZ Flush has an answer.  Their newer super-heavy-duty sewer hoses come with sizing rings.  I take the rings out the the new hose (that to be installed on the motorhome and place them in the cheap hose.  You have to bend the ring to get it into the hose then force the bend out.  But once done, store the extra ten foot hose and you'll later find it ready to be adapted.

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