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A Solution to an Electric Step Problem



No question about it.  Keeping your steps lubricated is the single, most important step you can take to making things run smoothly.  I followed a suggestion by the manufacturer to use their brand of spray lubricant for quite some time.   After a while, it became obvious that the grease just wasn't staying in place.   Switching to a spray lithium worked much better.

The Real Problem

For years I lubricated the steps every time they showed hesitation coming out.  Then, I found out one of the reasons the steps begin to fail.  On one occassion, I found after lubricating and lubricating that the steps were still hesitant.  I started the motorhome and the steps began operating normally.  I knew the coach battery was fine but the engine battery was another story.  The motorhome had been sitting for some time and the battery didn't have a full charge.

Experimentation showed that the steps needed almost 13 volts out of the battery to work reliably.

trickle_charger.jpg (60398 bytes)The Fix

By mounting a small, smart trickle charger on the engine battery, it's charge is maintained at full.  The lubricated step works as advertised!

The charger is held to the wall of the basement with a dab of Goop adhesive.  The wires are encased in a plastic tube which is then taped over.   The hole to the battery is grommetted.  This insures the wires will not wear through over time.

Power comes from an outlet under the dinette that services the outdoor entertainment center.

Works great!

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