Wolf's Motorhome Modifications

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Tide Clock


Tide Clock (15338 bytes)We love the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  The dogs love walking on the beach.  If you spend some time learning about tides, you can find some pretty neat things.  A tide clock helps.  A tide clock is a clock with one hand, the hour hand.  If you set it to where you are at, it will tell you the state of the tide.  Trying to figure out when to go for our walks becomes much easier.

The clock was met to be mounted by three screws.  However it's set from the back.   That's also where you change the battery.  Screwing it down did not make sense.  Instead, I glued a circle of luan (thin wood) to the back.  I cut a hole to set and change the battery.  I cut two screw notches so it can be hung like a normal clock.

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