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Toaster Oven


There's nothing like an english muffin and a poached egg in the morning.  A toaster oven beats a toaster hands down.  You can cooks all sorts of stuff in it.

Toaster Oven (14814 bytes)The Spacesaver-type toaster oven shown is by Black and Decker.  You have to order a $20 mounting hood separately but it's the only safe way to mount it.  It was not designed for motorhome use as the oven sits loose in the hood.  We secure the oven from rattling by stuffing a dishtowel between the oven and the hood (after it's cool, obviously).

The only thing you HAVE to watch is that the oven is far away from all combustionables.   The outside of the oven gets HOT.  After you have the thing mounted, cook up some muffins and feel all around the oven.  Make sure you are well away and cool on all outboard panels, curtains, etc.

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