Log of our second trip of 1984

Northwest Ohio

Visiting African Lion Safari, Lagoon Deer Creek Park, Great Lakes Maritime Museum, Edison's Birthplace NM

July 18 - 20, 1984
Mileage Start 38,322  Home 38,558
Attended:  Dad, 21 years, Meg (AKA Eater) 22 months, Matt (AKA Splash) 6 months and Sass (AKA Goofy Dog) 5 years

The memories of the trip are so very clear

We left home about 9:15.  We took State Route 2 to get to African Lion Safari and arrived about 10:45.  We had a very nice time.  They have a walk-around area and a drive-through area.  The drive through area had camels, ostriches, zebra, antelope, and many others.  The camel was very friendly and seemed to want attention more than food.  It stuck its head right into the motorhome!  We didn't notice that Sassy was right there and almost ended the trip with a confrontation.  The ostriches would climb into the car if they could.  Boy, they are mean birds!  We left African Safari about 12:30 and went to Freeport (53-S).  We saw the Hayes Presidential Center which Mary really liked.  Got to the Holiday Travel Park about 5 pm and got a nice space.  Still cold!  We played on the playground, took a walk, and sat around after dinner.

July 19 -- Got up at about 8:00 am.  We had a nice breakfast and let for Milan about 11 am.  Before we left I got the campsite for another night.  $14.50 per night.  Got to Edison's birthplace about 12:00 noon.  Nice but very small.  Had a pop and left for Deer Creek.  Went the wrong way on SR 2 and had to back-track.  Deer Creek was nice.  There are many beggar animals.  Meggie did fine until one of the deer tried to eat a bow on her shirt.  She then insisted I carry her.  She thought she was lunch.  We got back to the campsite about 4 pm.  Went swimming and we went for a walk.  Eater insists on "take a nice walk, Daddy, yes?"  Ate dinner and then went to a big field.  Played Frisbee with Sassy--had a good time.  Meg went on a pretty long walk by herself.  Sassy cut her mouth on the Frisbee.  Went swimming again (Daddy and Meggie).

38,553 Gulf Westlake 1.069/gal $23.00 21.5 gallons 7.4 mpg

July 20 -- We slept very well!  Got up at about 8:30, had breakfast, and left.  Meggie really likes swinging on the swings!  We then went to the Great Lakes Maritime Museum in Vermillion.  Meg was disappointed as she though she was going to see a bunch of ships.  Got home at 2:10 pm.

Back to the grind, back to work!

Total mileage 236

Have to get the carb checked!  I was also able to pump $4 more in gas after the pump shut off.  Our fill-ups are not accurate because it is hard to get the thing filled up.


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