Log of our forth trip of 1984

Powell, Ohio (Aunt Liz's House)


Alum Creek State Park

Delaware, Ohio

August 19-21, 1984
Mileage Start 39,677 --  Home 40,038
Attended:  Daddy (20.5), Megan (almost 2), Matt (almost 8 months), Sass (aka Goofy Dog, 5)

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A nice trip Alum and a visit to Liz.  Our FIRST time at a State Park, we were still dependent on a sewer hookup as the kids were too little.

Well, we originally planned to take 42 all the way to Columbus.  At 301 we hit a detour that put us on I-71.  We went to Liz's in CMH and stayed the night there.  We then left for Alum Creek. Nice park but they only have electric hookups.  We had to move the motorhome to dump.  Spent all day Tuesday on Liz's boat.  Nice time.  Liz spent both days with us.

For up-to-date park maps and information, check the  The Ohio State Park website for Alum Creek State Parks

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