Log of our second trip of 1985

Powell, Ohio (Aunt Liz's House)

Neil Armstrong Air and Space Museum

Wapokoneta, Ohio

USAF Museum

Dayton, Ohio

Ohio Caverns

West Liberty, Ohio


April 20-24, 1985
Mileage Start 43,711 --  Home 44,559
Attended:  Daddy 21, Mommy 31, Meg 2 almost 3, Matt 1 1/2, Sassy 6

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A fun trip about Ohio


Another odd trip. Left on the 25th and went to Liz's.  From there we visited Grandma at OSU's hospital (all of us with Liz).  We then stayed at Liz's overnight.  We then went to Wapokoneta on the 26th and visited the Neil Armstrong Space Museum.  Now get this:  We went to the KOA in Wapokeneta and it stunk.  Too small and no playground.  We went to E-Z Camp, same but larger.  We drove to Springfield and checked the Crawford Farm Market and Campground.  Large but no playground.  We went to Bass Lake Campground and found it based on a bar and hunting club.  We went back to Crawford.  Had a good time in spite of not having an playground.  Very nice, warm day.  Took a couple of walks and ran Sassy.  meg has the runs (in spades) and in spite of being out of a diaper for 4 months, she has one on tonight.

April 27 -- We went to the Dayton AF Museum and had a good time.  Meg was cranky and we had to rush through.  We then went to three other campgrounds -- all piss-poor.  Finally stopped at the KOA at Mount Giliead.  Also poor!  We did not like Jackson Lake (small sites).  We did not like Olentangy (no playground).  We did not like the KOA Mt. Gilead which had small sites and was rather hillbillyish.

We then went back to CMH, visited Grandma in the hospital, then took 33 to Bellefontaine and went to the Mountain Top Campground.  We almost had the place to our self, we had a great time.  Meggie got sick but not too bad.  We spent all lay on the 29th just playing and walking.

Took a tour of Ohio Caverns and the kids seemed to like it.  We then took 26 to 42 and took 42 back to Cleveland.  A hectic but very nice trip!

For more information see the websites for Neil Armstrong Air and Space Museum, USAF Museum, and the Ohio Caverns

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