Log of our third trip of 1985

Powell, Ohio (Aunt Liz's House)

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

VA Beach, VA

Williamsburg, VA

May 16-25, 1985
Mileage Start 44,559 --  Home 46,358
Attended:  Daddy 21, Mommy 32, Meg 2+, Matt 1+, Sassy 6

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A trip to see the Ocean (our first try at seeing the ocean)


After visiting Gram and Gramp in Powell, we set off.  We got to Woodbine, MD and stopped at the Ramblin' Pines Campground.  Nice but Meg rates the playground a 2 on a scale of 10.  Rained so blasted hard!  Roof is leaking.  They were going to turn us away but they let us in.  They only accept small pets and didn't think Sassy was small.  They let us in anyway as we were only staying one night.

We then went to Rehoboth Beach.  Had a fun time going over the bridge.  CG is very nice, 3 seasons, BUT -- done got bit, so did Sassy.  The playground is a 0 on a scale of 10.

Welcome to VA Beach!  We stayed three nights at the Holiday Travel Park which had four (count-em!) four playgrounds.  Meggie had a ball.  It is a LARGE, very nice campground with only one drawback --  it is close to the Oceana Naval Air Station.  For 24 hours a day we have fighter planes flying overhead!  Well, one apparently had to go around and kicked in his afterburner when he was right overhead.  Scared Matt half to death and he now cries every time one comes over (24 hours a day!).  Mom is doing laundry for the first time.  Took the kids to the pool and they had a good time even though the water was cold.  But ... went to the beach and the kids had a ball!  We decided to stay over one more day so we could go to the beach again.  VROOOOOOM -- there goes another one!

Had a bad tire.  The front left.  Drove about five miles on the berm before stopping to change it.  Found right front is also going bad.

Moved to Williamstown (the Fair Oaks Best Holiday Travel Park).  Although it is a long way from the sights, Meg and Matt had a ball on the playground.  We saw Williamstown (Merchant Square) but did not buy their $19 ticket to see the buildings.  We went to the Jamestown Festival Park which was interesting.  We are now heading home.  We had planned one more night in WV but Memorial Day weekend -- we can't get a site anywhere.  O Well.  Last night, from about 4 PM on, it has rained and been quite cool.

Except for two delays (I-495 for two hours at the Cabin John Bridge and two hours at Breezewood) our trip home was uneventful.  A nice trip!

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