Log of our fifth trip of 1985

Brooksville, Florida (Gram and Gramp)

Mammoth Cave National Park

Everglades National Park

Fort Myers, Florida

October 21, 1985
Mileage Start 46,495 --  Home 49,649
Attended:  Dad 21, Mom 30, Meg 3 (!), Matt 1 3/4 (!), Sassy 45 AND GRANDPA McCARTY

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A nice long sightseeing trip.  We took Grandpa to his reunion.

Arrived at Yogi Bear Jellystone Campground at about 1730 to 1800.  Once set up we hit the playground, hayride, and saw Yogi and Boo-boo.  Cindy wasn't feeling well.  Kids were pretty good, got to sleep about 1030 or 1130 (EDST).  Got up about 0730 and had a leisurely morning.  (By the way, the campground was GREAT).  Arriving milage was 46,959 at the info center.

Had a really nice time at Mammoth Cave.  Went on a "Frozen Niagra" cave tour which took about an hour.  Visitors info center really did not have anything great so we were on the road about 1530.  I drove about four hours and we stopped and had a nice meal at the Country Bumpkin restaurant.  Mom started driving again and she is getting to enjoy it.  Quite a break for Dad.

Did a lot of swimming at Gram and Gramp Wolf's.  We then went to the Outdoor Resorts in Chockoloskee Island in the Everglades National Park.  Beautiful park in the beat Outdoor Resorts tradition.  Had a nice swim and walk.  But ... the next morning we were attacked by sand fleas and mosquitoes.  It was awful.  Looking back, had we used some Off and took a dip or two we would have been OK.  Anyway, we went to Fort Meyers Beach and stayed at the Holiday Campground (not a Best Holiday).  We had a nice time but the state bird of Florida, the mosquito, is here too.  They have an OK outdoor and indoor pool but we are going to look for better tomorrow.  Not much to do in Fort Meyers.  I think we may go cruising tonight and look around.

We sure did go cruising.  We went through Coral Gables and Fort Meyers Beach.  We then went to Sanibel Island and walked on the beach.  We went home and to bed.  the next day we went to the Ramada and visited Pa Pa.  We then went to Sanibel again and to the beach.  Took Sassy this time and she had a ball.  We had fun by Matt got overheated and did nothing but cry.  Our stay was cut short.

After picking up Grandpa at Fort Meyers, we returned to Brooksville.  We went to Homosassa Springs and had a good time (the kids were whiney).  Grandpa Wolf was his usual pleasant self and Grandma didn't help Daddy drive.  He has really been nice to have Grandpa McCarty along.  We left for home at about 9 PM and Daddy drove to Chattanooga arriving about 6 am.  We stopped at a rest stop and got about 2 1/2 hours of sleep.  Original plan was to stop at Lookout Mountain and see Rock City but we decided to continue driving as the temperature is about 58 degrees.  Oh, we have Grandma's king size water bed packed in the top bunk so the kids are sleeping with us.  Got home at 2:30 am and started unpacking.


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