Log of our first trip of 1986

Timashami Campground

Salem, Ohio

April 8-10, 1986
Mileage Start 49,649 --  Home 49,752
Attended:  Dad 21, Meg 3 (!), Matt 2, Sassy

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We started with a breakdown which required these little kids to behave while Dad fixed the motorhome.  What troopers!  A exploration of a local campground.

April 8

Well, after a week and a half of unreasonably warm weather, we decided to pack up and take our first trip of the season.  Today was a nice 60-65 degree day.  We left about 1 PM leaving Mom at home.  Mom is working full time now and she couldn't come on this Tuesday-Wednesday trip.  So we're off alone.  Rules:  When not on the interstate, Matt rides up front in a belt.  Bother were super cooperative so far.  We stopped and got propane at Zergott's (whose dumb employees still don't know how to pump propane, I had to watch him).  We got on the Turnpike.  I had been hearing a funny noise like a belt loose.  Well, it broke and I lost power steering and water.  We overheated a bit.  I had a spare belt and was able to get it on.  The kids were great, especially considering the problems.  Got the belt on and dumped what I had left of antifreeze in the radiator and we made it to the campground.  However, the temperature gauge is not working.  I will have to wait to fix that.  We got to the campground at about 4 PM.  Once again, us early season mid-week campers have the whole grounds to ourselves.  A nice playground.  Meg seems to like it .  However, the showers were NOT open and boy, is my hair yucky.  I got all kinds of antifreeze in it.  So, I washed my hair in the bathroom.  We took a walk up a large hill and ran Sassy ... boy was she pooped!  We then built a fire (we brought some wood) and cooked hotdogs and hamburgers with cheese puffs and pop.  Each kid ate a hot dog and half a hamburger!  We then took another walk (stopping to throw a pebble into each and every one of about 20 puddles).  I set up a three element beam on two meters and heard 6.82 in Cleveland quite well.  Can't hear but a very, very little of 5.29.  Got back and we came in and made popcorn and got ready for bed.  It is now about 11:30 PM and Meg just fell asleep.  Matt is about asleep.  Oh yeah -- it is supposed to snow tonight.  (The starter is also not operating at times.)  P.S. on problems:  Engine temperature, fridge wont work on gas, furnace won't work (thank goodness for electric heaters!), and the toilet is leaking inside the bowl.  PSPS ... forgot my pillows (!!!) my coffee cup (!!!), cassette/tv, butter ...

April 9

Well, we got up at 8:30 AM and it have not snowed all night.  At 8:35 the snow started.  Boy, did it snow!  We all went out and ran Sassy.  After we got our shoes off and dried them off.  Lucky we brought boots and heavy coats because the temp was about 40 all day.  It snowed on and off, sometimes very hard.  Really did not snow enough to cover the ground except for a short time.  We took about four or five walks around the campground, had bologna and Kraft and Jello for lunch.  Went to naps at about two and got up about four.  Played on the playground and walked some more.  I wish I had brought my boots as my feet get quite cold in my tenny runners.  Megan has a constant companion named David (three years old, too!).  After dinner (pizza and cookies) we went for a walk in the dark with our flashlights.  Megan was not scared at all!  It is now 10:30 and everyone is sacked out.  Night-night!

click for a larger imageApril 10

Well, Dad had a time getting to sleep.  We got up at 10 AM and had breakfast.  A really nice dog with three feet played with the kids.  We went for a walk, disconnected, and came home.  Had to stop to tighten up the belt again.  Boy, did we have fun.  Matt and Meggie were absolutely great.  Can't wait for our next trip.  Oh, by the way, when we got up everything was covered with snow.  All the way home it snowed like crazy with salt trucks waiting every mile or so.  The snow never stuck, though.  We got home at 3 PM.  Matt and Meggie love to help load and unload.

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Note that (1) Timashami is no longer in business and (2) Megan and Matt HATE unloading and will do so only under extreme duress.


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