Log of our fifth trip of 1986

Rajaland Campground

Amherst, Ohio

June 29-30, 1986
Mileage Start 50,413--  Home 50,502
Attended:  Dad, Meg, Matt, Sassy

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Another trip to a campground we came to love.  The thing was developed and no longer exists.  That is just so sad.

Just a one night trip.  Left home about 4 PM and got to Rajaland at about 5 PM.  Kids had a ball on the playground.  Just the right mix of kids (about 8 or 9).  One does flips and Meg really liked to watch that.  matt is being much more careful on the playground.  Went swimming 6/29 but it got cool.  The kids love to go out 10-15 feet and put their arms down and walk on their hands, letting their legs float.  Matt went out about 20 feet, deep then his reach, and almost drowned.  I ran into the water and retrieved him.  He just panicked and couldn't get his feet under him.  The lifeguard was sitting on the beach and didn't realize he was in trouble, she even apologized.  He was back in after a short rest.  Got cool and rainy the next day and we pretty much kept inside by the rain.  O well!  We broke down on our way to the campground. Fooled around with the engine and got it started again.  Stalled again at the office.  Turns out the high voltage wire on the coil was arcing to the center post.  Got that fixed.


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