Log of our eighth trip of 1986

Chippewa Valley Camp Resort

Seville, Ohio

November 22-23, 1986
Mileage Start 52,185 --  Home 52,264
Attended:  Dad 21, Mom 29, Meg 4 (!), Matt 2 11/12, Sassy 7

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Just bumming--look at the date for crying out loud!


Just sitting here waiting for Mom, Meg, and Matt to return from swimming lessons.  (Matt's going off the board again!)

Arrived, playground, then walk.  We had a lot of fun.  Took many walks, played on the playground a lot and had a ball.  One ongoing problem (last two trips) is that Matt is getting sick just before we go and it gets worse as we are camping.  Sassy got really dirty as did we on our shoes (and Matt and Meg's pants, coats (Meg's new parka) and hands, face, etc.).  Meg brought back some rocks for show-and-tell at her nursery school.  Overall, nice but wet.  Sunday at about 1 PM it began raining and drizzling and did not appear like it was going to get better so we came home.


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