Log of our fifth trip of 1987

Pymatuning State Park

Andover, Ohio

July 7-10, 1987
Mileage Start 55,472 --  Home 55,684
Attended:  Dad 21, Meg, 4 Matt 3

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Where the fish walk on the duck's back


We left at 0940.  Got to the campground about noon.  Got gas right outside the campground.  So it took two hours twenty minutes to go 105 miles.  Sooo hot.  Had to go swimming.  So, away we went.  At about 4 PM I got so hot I went in and we had a ball.  Walked and went to a nature show.  A naturalist let Matt hold a garter snake.  he was thrilled.  To bed at 10:30.  Not too many friends here and the playgrounds are not super.  Let's rate the parks we've gone to.  Water was very, very high (no beach) due to very, very heavy rains over the last two to three weeks.


Got up at 1 AM with the rain and 6 with Matt ready to go potty.  Matt is sick with something--congested, runny nose, lethargic.  We got up at 9:30 AM.  Taking a walk we saw a turtle and the naturalist asked us to catch it for her.  So we did.  A 3-4 inch snapper.  Went in swimming--sure did feel great.  Matt's ear has been hurting.  They both made a friend next door (Sharrie) and had Smores and hobo pie there until 10:30.  We took a flashlight walk and bed at 11 PM.


Got up at 9 AM.  Matt is fine today.  Went for a walk and found some better sites.  Went swimming with Sherrie, ate lunch, and went swimming again.  Home at 3:40 PM.

Our park rating:

8.  Salt Fork -- Must drive down to the beach.  The sites are super with a great playground.  Disadvantages: camper's beach far from sites, must drive.  Water is very warm.  There are lots of kids.

6.  Dillon-- No beach.  Great sites, nice playground.  No beach.  Lots of kids.  Commissary.

7.  Mohican--Cabingoers.  One playground.  Great sites but limited to playground if the park is busy.  Nice playground.  Lots of kids.  No beach but a pool with a waking pool.  Disadvantage with cabin goers.  Commissary.

6.  Pymatuning-- Not many friends.  Beach at campground.  Poor playground.  Great sites.  Small playground.  Great beach access.  Warm water.  Limited kids.  Commissary.

Further information on Ohio State Parks are available at their website.

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