Log of our tenth trip of 1987

Harrison Lake State Park

Fayette, Ohio

October 25-27, 1987
Mileage Start 56,396 --  Home 56,694
Attended:  Dad 21, Meg 5, Matt 3

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Our first trip somewhere that gave away as much hardwood as you can burn!



The park is quite crowded.  A super nice but cool, sunny weekend is forecast.  We chose site 32 (we were going for site 33 but the guy in front of us took it).  All kinds of kids, tons of kids.  Megan and Matt immediately made a friend.  We are also (sort of) backed up to a playground.  Now it is 2036.  I have dinner made and two kids who don't want to eat!


A bit of a time getting them to bed as they really were not tired.  I was up a couple of times.  Not a normal first night where I worked the night before.  Anyway, up at 9 AM.  Kids out playing.  Went for a bike ride with Matt and now a walk with Meg, Matt, and their friend Mary Ann.

Now 8:30 PM.  We had a nice day.  Meg and her friend played all day, sometimes with Matt.  Matt took a nap.  The campground has all the firewood you can take, free.  Dry pieces from a sawmill, I guess.  We got quite a bit.  We (Meg, Matt, and I took a 3 1/2 mile hike completely around the lake (whew).  We started a fire, cooked hot dogs and marshmallows.  A hot fire, could of forged iron!  Wood burned very quick.  now they are out with the flashlights.  By the way, the park also has a beach at the campground!


Well, we just got back from our first bike ride on a road!  We left the campground and traveled about 4/10 of a mile on a county road to the "B" campsites, got a drink, and came back.  We had fun!  The kids got up at about 8:30 AM.  Last night, for supper, we roasted hot dogs over a fire and toasted marshmallows, a whole bag!  matt and I had a nap so we were up to 11 PM.  Meg went to bed about 10 PM.  She gets real congested and sniffy if she sits around.  On walks and bike rides she is fine.  I wonder about our tanks, how full they are!

A small park but a very nice trip!

Further information on Ohio State Parks are available at their website.

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