Log of our eleventh trip of 1987

Deer Creek State Park

Mt. Sterling, Ohio

November 26-29, 1987
Mileage Start 56,957 --  Home 57,346
Attended:  Dad 21, Mom 31, Meg 5, Matt 3



We left at 5 to 6 PM and arrived about 9:20.   Not too much traffic considering that it is Thanksgiving night.  Two other motorhomes.  We could only find one playground in the dark (nice though).  Tough finding the correct site (only 290+ to choose from).  now 10:40 PM.  Meg and Matt had a nice nap.  Mom and I are blasted.  Still full from Grandma McCarty's turkey!


Got up at 8 AM.  We took walks, took bike rides.  Walked on a dry--no, not dry but a very muddy lake.  Meg lost her shoe and got very, very muddy.  it was worth it though.  Not often can you walk on the bottom of a lake, eight foot under water!  Although it has been very dry we had some drizzle.  We cooked hot dogs on a fire.  mom and matt are really out of control--I don't know who to yell at.  Mom says we need a bigger motorhome.


Got up at 8:30 AM.  We took a motorhome ride to the dam, beach (closed), and into Mount Sterling.  We took bike rides, made a fire, and had lunch, took a walk in the woods, played on the playground.  Mom hit Dad's head with hers.  Called Grandpa Wolf.  Decided the motorhome was too small.  Went to bed at 8:30, 9, 9:30 (Matt), and midnight.  Really nice warm sunny day (65 degrees).  Very windy.


Up at 8:30 AM.  Much cooler and it rained all night.  Kids are out for a bike ride.  We took more bike rides, walks, and had more fun.  We left about 2:40 PM and were back at 6 PM.  A very nice trip.

NOTE:  Deer Creek is very nice with a load of paths and nice campsites, short bike rides.  However, no near sledding and the beach requires quite a trip.

Further information on Ohio State Parks are available at their website.

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