Log of our eleventh trip of 1987

Delaware State Park

Delaware, Ohio

November 7-8, 1987
Mileage Start 56,694 --  Home 56,957
Attended:  Dad 21, Mom 30, Meg 5, Matt 3


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A long ride but it sure is nice.  Only camp "B" is open.  We are on site 90 backing up to a playground.  Each camp had a playground.  Meg and Matt made friends with two other kids.  They played on the playground, we took a bide ride to the (closed) camp A.  Lots of fun.  mary and I pretty much sat around inside.  The rain stared about 5 PM.  Meg's friend ate lunch here and now (5:35 PM) they are at their friend's eating dinner.  Such a deal!  Bed at about 9 PM but Matt and Mom didn't go to sleep until 11 PM.  Matt was up at 6 AM.  We got up at 8 AM.  Took bike rides, played at the playground, took walks, and had a wonderful time.  We played until 1630.  Left and had a nice trip home.  Had a baby marsupial (about two inches long) of some kind under the motorhome.  Cruised the marina and picnic areas.  A great trip!

Further information on Ohio State Parks are available at their website.

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