Log of our first trip of 1988

Mosquito Lake State Park

Cortland, Ohio

May 6-8, 1988
Mileage Start 42,968 --  Home 43,126
Attended:  Dad 21, Meg 5, Matt 4

Meg is getting so big, so quick.

May 6 and behold, the friends have come out of hibernation!  Kids, lots of kids.  Older, younger, and the same age.  As if justice was speaking (determining whose turn it was) Matt has found a friend.  Megan seems content.  She is (at least) camping with her brother.  Now, as the sun goes down, I await their return.  That I am here is strange.  Meg's kindergarten play-Animal Crackers-was Tuesday (4 hours of sleep).  Thursday was the NCARC meeting (4 hours of sleep).  I am blasted but content.  All that is left is for the swifts to be here mopping up these bugs.  At least I hear a single bat--probably a fat bat.  The forecast was for a slight chance of showers Thursday.  It poured from Wednesday night to Friday morning.  I figured the park would be very wet and I'm tired.  Tired of working on the motorhome.  I want to sleep.  Once on the road, 6 inches of snow would not have stopped us.  The sun came out Friday morning and with the breeze the park is only a little wet.  70 degrees and sunny, 75 tomorrow, 80 degrees plus on Sunday.  All sunny.  But brrrr.  The dun is down and I'm cold.  Time for a coat.  I want to see that bat, too.

May 7--what a day!  Matt has a friend named Ted.  Ted is 7 and a bit too old for Matt but they sure did have fun.  They did about everything they could.  We (minus Ted for one of the first times today) biked and tried fishing without success. Tomorrow we will take to the beach.  Matt will probably play with Ted.  Meg kind of hung around with me which was fun.  Too bad the fish were not biting.  I've got some lures.  At least some worms.  Oh yeah, sunburn, we are all sunburned.  I hope it's not too bad tomorrow!  Probably need some sunscreen.  Matt fell into a mud puddle.  Not just any mud puddle but the muddiest one.  Not just any fall--head first.  A whole set of clothes and a slower time for him.  Ted kept helping himself to our hot dogs, pop, popsicles.  I had to throw him out.  He says he's from Nevada and out of school but I don't know.  Kinda funny.  There is (I think) two or three families and about 15-20 kids related to him.  Matt could have fell right asleep at any time.  He was sooo tired.  Once we were by the swings and he was in the way of some older kids.  I moved him and he got mad (embarrassed).  He stomped away.  I asked where he was going and he told me to get the ranger and tell on me.  The ranger was going to arrest me.  Earlier he got sand kicked in his face by a girl.  He says it wasn't an accident (because she didn't say she was sorry) but she helped him clean up.  Everyone had a shower (great motorhome!) and bed at 10:00 for them, 10:45 for me.  Too late!  Too tired!  They have both invited me to take their kids out camping.  Sure hope there is time for Dad to fish before I have to take their kids out.  Megan, especially, seems to be getting so big so quick.  Pretty soon they will have friends along, too.  Have yet to turn on the TV.  Have it out for bedtime tapes only.

May 8 -- We were up at 8 AM again and Matt went right out to play with Ted.  We took a two hour ride and play at the beach which is an easy 1.5 mile ride from the check-in office.  If we had not forgotten our suits we would have definitely gone swimming.  85-88 degrees.  Hot, sunny but with a cool breeze.  We spent two two hour jaunts.  Perfect weekend weather.

Further information on Ohio State Parks are available at their website.

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