Log of our fourth trip of 1988

Devil's Lake Park

Baraboo, WI

Indian Lake State Park

Lakeview, Ohio

Alum Creek State Park

Delaware, Ohio

Cowan Lake State Park

Wilmington, Ohio

June 16-26, 1988
Mileage Start 43,138 --  Home 44,593
Attended:  Dad 21, Mom 31, Meg 5, Matt 4

Mary's friend was getting married in Wisconsin


Dad worked 12 midnight to 8 AM.  We left at 9:35 AM and arrived at 7:25 PM.  Dad drove all the way.  Dad is now buzzed.  Our site is on the side of a mountain.  We are not level.  The fridge is not working worth a darn and it is going up to 90 degrees.  The electrical outlet is 75 feet away.  People are driving like crazy.  There are fluked in the lakes and ticks in the fields.  We can't ride bikes because of the mountains (big hills).  We can walk if we rope ourselves together.  We can't smoke except on site because of the worst draught in 50 years.  Love, Dad

OH ... one good thing. It is going down to 40 degrees tonight ... it will slow the ticks down.


We went to bed at 10 PM.  Ready to go to Tommy Tucker's Robot World at 9:30 AM.  Sitting here at this angle, I feel like I'm in the shuttle ready to blast off.  Matt had a ball (Meg, too) at Tommy Tucker's Robot World.  matt rode a space ride, a gimbal, and did great.  I don't think I would go on it!  Meg tried but got scared.  We got back but couldn't get leveled.  We left and got a site at "Nordic Pines" CG across the street.  A real nothing but at least it has a playground.  We all took showers and went to bed late.  At least we are clean.  We all can't wait to get back to Ohio.  We are going to go back to Devil's Lake for the wedding--parking on #35-- and dump and get water than spend the night here.  Back to Ohio soon!


We went to the wedding at 3 PM.  No one was there.  Two hours of standing in an overgrown field filled with spiders.  85-90 degrees and humid.  We then had the wedding (no preacher--they married themselves).  They did an hour of the same symbolism they are trying to avoid.  We then went back, changed, and went to a reception.  The food included sesame cake that crunched, spinach balls and spaghetti noodles with vinegar on them.  What happened to prime rib?  We got back, the fridge was working and we crashed on site 35, Devil's Lake Mountain.

We were up at 6 AM and off at 6:30 AM central time.  We took 30 to 33 through Indiana and went to Indian Lake State Park in OHIO!  Our impression of Wisconsin:  Drunks camping, reckless driving, poor sites (real poor), no enforcement, flukes in the lake (no swimming).  The kids couldn't even ride their bikes.  Pure crap-never again.  (PS -- due to the worst draught in 50 years no smoking outside the campsite).

Indian Lake State Park is a dream.  Quiet, no drunks, big, level, paved sites, camping beach, biking, concession stand, etc.etc.  100% different.  We swam (a bit).  Indian Lake is low and the kids had tons of beach and low water.  We biked, we had fun.  Lots of fun.  Oh yeah ... they have three playgrounds here.


Bed 11 PM up 8 AM.  Swim, swim, swim, swim!  Lunch, nap, swim, eat, sleep.


To Alum Creek.  With only one central playground and bad biking, it is not the best park.  It is very spread out with two camper's beaches.  The beach is well marked for no boats but that didn't stop Aunt Liz from picking us up!  We went fishing, swimming, and took a ride to the dock.  We slept and Liz slept over.


Boating again -- 97 degrees but it wasn't bad.  Mom got a terrible sunburn

<the rest of the trip is undated>

At Cowan Lake State Park -- nice but a long, hilly ride to the beach, tons of trails, two playgrounds, and it is very nice.  Actually, not as long a ride to the beach as we first thought.  One hill the kids have to walk up and a hill to the beach but not bad at all.  We swam and walked paths.  Now, the paths:  that's the poor part.  There are a number of paths that are supposed to be marked but are not.  There are paths off all the main paths and it is very easy to get lost.  Very easy!  The camp appears full but Meg and Matt still seem to have trouble making friends here.  I'm confused!  Lots of bigger RVs.   We did a lot of swimming, walking, and biking.  103 degrees on Saturday!  Whew!  We spent the better part of Saturday or in the air conditioned motorhome.  Packed up and home on Sunday.  A busy ten days!

Further information on Ohio State Parks are available at their website.

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