Log of our fifth trip of 1988

Jefferson Lake State Park

Carrolton, Ohio

Guilford Lake State Park

Lisbon, Ohio

July 19-21, 1988

Mileage Start 44,593 --  Home 44,772
Attended:  Dad 21, Meg 5, Matt 4

Neat places!


2 hours 45 minutes and 120 miles.  The trip was fun but very hilly.  The last 5-10 miles and the entrance was 20-25 mph all the way.  Much rain after the worst drought since I was born.  Two plus inches of rain before we got here.  It sprinkled enough to keep us in for the first hour.  Dad took a nap.  We walked down (I mean DOWN) a hill to a beach.  Played there and took another, less steep but much longer path home.  Walked around with the walkie-talkies.  Got our suits on and down we went.  Not hot--80 to 83 degrees but very high humidity.  Nothing dries.  Swam for a while.  The beach was very nice but the hill was VERY steep and slippery.  We climbed back up the hill and ate dinner.  No playground (save three broken swings).  Bummer.  8:30 PM and just finishing dinner--spaghetti--9:40 and in bed with a tape.


Up at 8:30.  Rain, rain, rain.  Gone at 9:10 AM.  Guilford is small, cramped, but at least they have a playground.  The beach is a long way away.  Not sure about that yet.  CG is just a couple of roads off the main road but there are a lot of sites next to the lake.  Tons of people fishing.  Lunch, bike rides (a patched tire caused by a thumbtack), and we played with the walkie-talkies.  Matt disappeared for a while and I went looking for him.  He went and took a swim.  Swimming is prohibited except at the beach which is quite a ways down the road.  Tons of friends, to get in trouble with and to have fun with.  Bicycling, playground, and now, at 8:20 PM, to walk in the rain (sharing umbrellas).  Shower and a story tape for bed!  One funny thing here--I have yet to see a ranger.


It rained all night.  Not just rain-- R A I N.  best time for it.  As with the whole trip, the rain came at night.  now it is done and we are up at 9 AM.  Fed the ducks, again.  Area is not too good for bike riding, the hills would mask oncoming cars.  The kids have a circle to ride in and that keeps them going.

Further information on Ohio State Parks are available at their website.

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