Log of our sixth trip of 1988

Kiser Lake State Park

Saint Paris, Ohio

July 27-29, 1988

Mileage Start 44,861 --  Home 45,235
Attended:  Dad 21, Meg 5, Matt 4

Neat places!


Not a bad trip down, except for I-71 through and south of Fredrickstown.  They are repaving from the Mount Gilead State Park exit to Fredrickstown so maybe they will get it all.  Sites here are very, very small (compared to other state park sites).  We got #75 and there are five to eight others here.  Nice in all respects except site size.  We ate and went swimming for about four and a half hours.  What fish I have!  My temper is going up as I get more tired.  They are tired from swimming.  Pizza for dinner.  We went for a walk with about four other kids from across the street.  They are leaving tonight.  We taped some coins on a train track.  I have other kids addresses so that I can send them the squashed coins.  We went swimming again for about three hours.  The other Mom and Dad and I walked and the Dad took the kids for a ride in his sailboat.  9:30 and to bed!  meg says we had a great day.  Seven hours of swimming!  Whew!


8:30 and here's Buzzard!  A nice night--about 68 degrees and comfortable.  Supposed to be another warm day.  Kids are biking and so am I.  We went back to the tracks and found only a smudge where the coins had been.  The duct tape didn't make it.  We went back with electrical tape and more coins.  Lunch at 11:30.  Swim, swim, swim for four hours -- back at 3:30 for cookies.  Fired up the generator and turned on the air for nap time.  We are all burnt, especially on the face.  Back swimming at 5:30 to 8:30 -- seven hours of swimming today, 15 this trip.  A nice fire and hot dogs and marshmallows and a walk ended our day at 11 PM.  Night!


Matt is up again.  8:10 AM.  Eat, pack, and check the tracks.  Nothing but a smudge where the coins had been.  We did find two dimes -- a Canadian and a U.S. but the other eight or nine coins are gone.  Hot trip back--90 degrees and humid--whew--but nice.  The whole trip was nice.

Further information on Ohio State Parks are available at their website.

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