Log of our sixth trip of 1988

Hueston Woods State Park

College Corner, Ohio

August 4-6, 1988

Mileage Start 45,235 --  Home 45,757
Attended:  Dad 21, Meg 5, Matt 4

Neat places!


Whew, packing at 95 degrees.  <There are sweat marks on the logbook>


Took near four hours but the park is really nice.  They have a class A and class B campground.  In the class A they have half for tenters and pop-ups and half pull-throughs.  Really nice.  we tried walking to the beach -- 47 minutes the long way --  37 the short way.  1500 to 1800 on the beach and now biking.  Lots of kids although the park is not full.  Looks like a neat nature center!  We all have blisters.  No sandals -- socks and shoes!  Bike rides, playground, friends, fun, marshmallows, and a walk to call Mom.  Bed at 10:30 and immediate sleep.


8:30 Matt, as usual, gets up.  Breakfast and then play, play, play.  Went swimming, came back and play, play, play.  We saw a show about owls at the nature center, saw a barn, burred, and horned owl.  Watched them vomit and poop.  Cute.  Nice talk though.  They have eagles, hawks, vultures, beavers, bobcats, etc.etc.  All are being rehabilitated.  Very big, very nice.  We missed a thunderstorm during the show.  Moved in and out.  Neat.  Lots of swimming, playing, etc.


Up at 8:30 (me!) and leave for home.  A long trip home due to tie-ups on I-71.  A number one park.

Further information on Ohio State Parks are available at their website.

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