Log of our tenth trip of 1988

West Branch State Park

Ravenna, Ohio

October 30-October 2, 1988

Mileage Start 46,002 --  Home 46,135
Attended:  Dad 21, Meg 6, Matt 4



Here I am.  My first camping night alone!  The kids have swimming (have you learned yet?) on Saturday morning so Mom is bringing them out Saturday afternoon, early.  Didn't do anything I couldn't have done with the kids.  Dinner took the same time.  Took a bike ride.  Saw four deer (two big, two fawns).  Nice, fun.


Tried to make it to the beach on the bike but the hills are a bit too steep--definitely not a park for swimming.  Saw a VW being towed.  Took a walk.  Kids and Mom arrived.  Biked, walked, and drove about.  Had fun.  Dumb weather service said it was going to rain all weekend.  Hasn't rained for about a week and the lake is low.  It is for flood control and the level fluctuates widely.  Makes for NICE walking.  Tons of trails, too.


Up at 8 AM.  Cloudy now but still no rain except for a shower sometime at night.  Everything is still dry.  Nice time.  Home.

Further information on Ohio State Parks are available at their website.

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